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If you are interested in joining Standard of Entertainment Guides, please fill out this form and we will get back to you. Most of these questions are simply to facilitate the process of getting you on-board and there are no wrong answers. All serious applications will be considered, there's plenty of room here.
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Preferably what you use for any guide work references, like your SN on Gamefaqs or Wikia.
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Standard Of uses WP Multi-Site as a CMS, if not, we can help you learn.
Very Experienced
If you have little to no experience with Wordpress, what are some other web design platforms you've used?
You can also list other stuff you've used here even if you know WP pretty well.
How much time would you have to write guides? *
Pick whichever is closest on average. We wont hold you to this.
What type of game genres do you like to play? *
What are some of your favorite games? *
What systems do you own? *
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Put N/A if no links are available.
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Don't worry, "the money" is an acceptable answer :)
If you joined Standard of Entertainment Guides, what are some games you would like to write about initially?
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