Subject Feedback form 2019-2020
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1. Has the teacher covered entire syllabus as is prescribed by the University *
2. Has the Teacher covered relevant topics beyond the syllabus *
3. How well does the teachers prepare for the classes? *
4. Efficiency of Teacher in terms of Course Content *
5. Effectiveness of Teacher in terms of Communication skills *
6. Focus of teacher on Syllabi *
7. Pace with which contents are covered *
8. Helping approach towards varied academic interests of students *
9. Helps student in providing study material which is not readily available in the text books say through e-resources, e-journals, reference books, open course wares etc. *
10. Availability of teacher after or before the scheduled classes and co-operation to sort out individual problems *
11. Punctuality in the Class *
12. Regularity in taking Classes *
13. Helps and counsels the students to make career goals according to their interest. *
14. Scheduled assignments, class-test, quizzes and seminars are conducted timely *
15. Helps students in realizing their weaknesses and strengths and works for their overall grooming of personality *
16 Additional remarks (if any )
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