Volunteer & Service Scholarship
Would you like to be a part of the team that runs WiccanSeminary.EDU? We are very blessed to have a volunteer team that supports this school. Without volunteers, this school would not be as wonderful and enchanting as it is. Our students, at various levels, work together as a team, and learn the various aspects to ministry while they are doing it. There are many entry level positions for those who have time, but not necessarily tuition. To apply for a service scholarship, please complete the form below.

Service Scholarships are important positions. We take your commitment seriously. To qualify for free tuition, you must provide proof of income, be available for 10 to 20 hours a week commitment, and attend at least two staff meetings per month. There is a 30 day probation period, during this time we hope to train you and evaluate your ability to be an asset to the volunteer team. You must be sponsored by a direct supervisor to receive a scholarship. All people that qualify for a scholarship are approved for a 30 day probation. However, scholarships are only awarded to students who earn them.

There are also specialized positions. Some positions require professional skills. If you have professional skills that you would like to offer in exchange for your tuition, please let us know. IT, Accounting, and skills of this nature are vital to the success of the school and the Wiccan Community.

Are you able to pay your tuition, but still want to volunteer? No problem, this form works for both. Thank you for your service to the Goddess, and Her people.

**Please allow up to two (2) weeks for full processing**

Paperwork needed to qualify:
After sending in your application please be prepared to submit the following to the registration officer.
Your Full First Life Name
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SecondLife Avatar's Full Name
even if you don't have a last name, pls include "resident" so we can find you easier
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RL email addy (so that we may contact you outworld):
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Please share with us, why do you need a service scholarship?
Service Scholarships are in high demand and short supply and are only awarded to those who are truly in need, AND can share skills that bring value to the school. It often takes many weeks (sometimes months) to get approved for a service scholarship. If you want to attend school immediately, it may be more time effective for you to become a paying student.
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Position you are interested in or type of work you would like to do?
What motivated you to volunteer with WiccanSeminary.EDU?
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What are your interests in FirstLife and SecondLife?
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I understand that I am applying for a Scholorship with a College, where my volunteer service is given in lieu of payment. I understand that I will be given three chances to find a position where I can be a contributing asset to the school. I understand that the school with do everything they can to help me be successful. If after three tries, I cannot meet the expectations of my scholarship, I will no longer be eligible for a scholarship.
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