Leadership Transition Survey
As Spring Garden Church prepares for a season of leadership transition, hearing from the people in our community is important! The more voices and perspectives that are shared, the better we can move forward together as we seek to follow the Holy Spirit's leading of His church.

This survey is focused on getting the views of people who attend Spring Garden Church. Honest perspectives are needed. For you to feel free to answer openly, survey answers will be kept anonymous. We will not be linking answers to names. In fact, your responses to each question will be combined with other people's answers and presented as a group. If any portions of specific answers will be given, there will be no names attached. The responses will only be reviewed by the navigation team members.

The survey has a demographics section and then three main open-ended questions. It should take about 15 minutes but it depends on how detailed you want your answers to be. If you’d prefer filling out a paper version, copies are available at the church lounge. The survey is available from May 27 to June 17, 2018.

If you don't like taking surveys and prefer sharing your perspectives in a discussion format, please join one of our Roundtable Discussions: Sunday, June 3 @ 7pm, or Sunday, June 17 during coffee hour after the worship gathering. You are welcome to give your feedback in both the written/typed and Roundtable Discussion format.

This survey is offered by the Navigation Team (NavTeam), who are responsible for putting elements in place to assess the needs of Spring Garden for the community members, staff team, and Willowdale neighbourhood. We hope you will share your hopes and experiences with us in either format so that we can get the pulse of the Spring Garden community and prepare for the transition ahead.

Thank you,

NavTeam: Garth Barron, Adora Chui, Lesley Daniels, Joanna James, Suzanna Lai, Clem Lee, Barrie Porter, Elizabeth Reynolds

Section 1: Demographic Information
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