GSSA Global Surgery Database
Dear Residents, Fellows, Faculty, and Students,

The Global Surgery Student Alliance (GSSA) is the national student & trainee-run global surgery working group for the U.S. affiliated with the International Student Surgical Network. Our group's mission is to create a network of like-minded individuals interested in global surgery by sharing our experiences and potential opportunities to work with each other. Towards this effort, we are attempting to create the first global surgery database designed to benefit students, residents, fellows, and faculty around the world within all surgical fields (including anesthesia and OB/Gyn, as well as other related fields such as business, engineering, policy, public health, and more). We expect this database to provide a resource for possible global surgery opportunities, ranging from research and advocacy to policy and on-the-ground endeavors. We also hope that this database will allow for increased collaboration between residents/fellows, as well as opportunities for medical students to take part in research and for all trainees to find faculty with expertise who can provide mentorship.

How does the database work?
This database will include information ranging from your interests/expertise to the projects you are currently working on. This database is also EDITABLE, so you can change your responses any time and update your experiences/interests. Here is how it works: When you submit this survey, select portions of your responses will automatically populate a google document that only you will be able to edit. This google doc will be added into a database of google docs that will be searchable in the database. You will be able to view other people's responses, but will only be able to edit your own. You can edit your google doc w/ project updates, need for research assistants, change in project focus, new expertise, new interests, etc. at any time and can remove any information you prefer not to share. By filling out this survey, you will also be added to our listserv to receive more info on global surgery opportunities; however, you can let us know if you prefer not to be on that listserv.

An Important Point About Mentorship
For our faculty members, please consider filling out this survey and including your information in our database. Many students, residents, and junior faculty are looking for mentors within the field of global surgery and would be grateful to know who is available to either help answer their questions or direct them to the right people who can. And for those who don't have research but have significant experience in global surgery, please consider indicating your expertise and your willingness to provide mentorship to the next generation.

For now, we ask that you (as a resident, fellow, faculty, or student) consider adding your information to this database, so that you can share about your work/expertise and contribute to collaboration & academic growth in the field of global surgery.

Thank You,
GSSA National Team

GSSA VPs of Residents/Trainees:
Andrew Giles, PGY5
Adriana Ramirez, PGY3
Na Eun Kim, PGY3
Ambar Mehta, PGY1

GSSA Chair:
Parisa Fallah, MS3

GSSA Software Engineer:
Gavin Ovsak, MS3

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