Shuto Con 2019 Cosplay Competition Entry Form


• Time slots will be given on a "first come first serve" basis upon completion of registration. The completion of this form does not guarantee a time slot. No slot will be given until pre-registration is confirmed.
• A valid Shuto Con badge is required to enter the competition. Those without a badge will not be admitted into competition areas (judging rooms, backstage, ect.).
• Damage to Shuto Con or hotel equipment will cause automatic disqualification and you will be held liable for its replacement.
• Cosplay entrance of both eastern and western media will be permitted to enter the competition; however, original characters and self created variants of other pre-existing characters will not be permitted to enter the competition. Exceptions will be genderbend and humanoid characters (Pokemon, Digimon, ect.).
• Entrants should plan to be in line by the designated judging room at least ten minutes prior to the chosen time slot. If your slot is called and you are not present, we will ask you to wait until the judging has finished. If there is leftover time, the judges will judge you upon their discretion.
• When you enter the room, your reference material will be required and you will have five to ten minutes to explain details of how you constructed your cosplay.
• Your cosplay will be photographed for later reference and comparison.
• If undecided of which category to enter, the director of cosplay will place you depending on information given within the application.
• If decided that you will not participate in the competition, please contact the director of cosplay as soon as possible, so the open time slot may be filled within a reasonable time.
• The first and last hour of each judging day will be open judging on a “first come first serve” basis.


• You must be pre-registered at Shuto Con 2019 to enter the cosplay competition.
• You will be required to present a full color, printed reference images of your cosplay character at the time of your judging. As this will be attached to your judging form, art books and digital presentation will not be acceptable.
• At least 50-75% of the cosplay entered must be handcrafted, depending on the category entered. The cosplay may be worn by an accompanying model, but the award will be presented only to the creator.
• If entering the group category, one or more members of the group must have crafted all of the costumes being presented.
• Cheating will not be tolerated. If we believe that you have entered a purchased or commissioned cosplay and are taking the credit for the work, we reserve the right to disqualify you from the competition.
• Please keep all entries PG-13 or beach legal. Nudity will not be tolerated.


Novice: Cosplayer has not won any major awards, or has won 0-2 minor awards or has under 3 years of Cosplay or sewing experience. This category is for those new to cosplay or those that have not crafted a costume for competition before.
At least 50% of the cosplay must handmade/self-crafted.

Journeyman: Cosplayer has won 1-2 major awards, or has won 2-5 minor awards or has at least 3 or more years of Cosplaying or sewing experience. This category is for those wishing to challenge themselves to the next stage of competition.
At least 65% of the cosplay must handmade/self-crafted.

Master: Cosplayer has won 3+ major awards, or has won 6+ minor awards or has 5 or more years of Cosplaying or sewing experience. This category is for those wishing to compete against other experienced Cosplayers for top awards.
At least 75% of the cosplay must handmade/self-crafted.

Group Awards: The above categories will also be used for accessing groups.

Best in Show: This award is chosen based on which cosplay the judges believe exemplified the greatest display of skill and craftsmanship. All entrants from all other categories are automatically eligible to win this prize.

Judges Picks: These awards will be given on judge's discretion.

Have fun!

Remember that Shuto Con is a Safe Space environment. Please remember to be respectful towards other Cosplayers and attendees.

Applicants are considered for entry without regard to race, color, religion, creed, sex, marital status, national origin, age, physical or mental disabilities.

If any questions, concerns, comments or complaints may arise, please contact:
Joseph Bryant
Director of cosplay
Shuto Con 2019
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