Military Spouse Mental Health Pulse Survey
By voluntarily participating , you acknowledge that you are an United States Military Spouse. This survey helps to uncover the struggles that military families endure regarding mental health. The results of this survey will help to begin a conversation and bring awareness around military spouse mental health as well as advocate for positive change with more studies and programs within our community. If you have any questions regarding this survey, please email
What branch of the United States military are you associated with? *
How long have you been married to your spouse? *
Have you ever struggled with anxiety? *
Have you ever struggled with depression? *
If you answered yes to struggling with anxiety and/or depression, had you struggled with either before becoming a military spouse? *
Have you ever felt asking for professional help would impact your service member's career? *
In what ways have you tried to cope with anxiety and/or depression as a military spouse? *
How many deployments have you endured? *
How many times have you PCS'd? *
If you have children, how many?
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If you would like to share your story regarding mental health, please share below. (Optional)
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How have you tried to restore peace and happiness within yourself? (Optional)
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