NVC Assessment Days - Slovenia 2020 registration form
NVC Assessment event Slovenia 2020
Date and Location: 6. okt. 2020 ob 18:00 – 9. okt. 2020 ob 16:30
Kranjska Gora – Slovenia

Our hope is to co-create an enriching experience where we are all actively engaged, learning from each other and with each other; deepening skills and working with feedback to support the integrity of Nonviolent Communication.

This questionnaire, which takes roughly five minutes to complete, aims to support the organisation of the event. Your support is much appreciated.

This is NOT a form for registering your interest in the event.
Please use this form ONLY when you are absolutely sure that you would like to attend the event either as a candidate- and this will have been discussed with your assessor OR you want to join our community and are ready to book your place.

After filling up the form please press SUBMIT. We will confirm your registration and send you information about how to pay Accommodation fee and Tuition fee. Your place at the event will be assured after paying the deposit of 150 EUR per person.
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If you are a registered candidate, who is your assessor?
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If you are a person interested and involved in NVC, how many days of NVC training do you have and which CT can we contact about your involvement in NVC?
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Your financial contribution includes two parts: 1. Tuition fee; 2. Accommodation
1. The tuition fee for Community Members or Assessment fees for Candidates - All our other expenses, eg administration team, trainers travel expenses etc. 2. Accommodation fee, this price covers - Accommodation - Meals each day and refreshments (tea, coffees, snacks) in between.
1.Tuition fee: Tick the price which you are going to pay. If your resources mean you are unable to contribute willingly the tuition fee for Community Member, please contact Javor - javorsv@gmail.com .To talk about the Assessment fees for Candidates, please contact your assessor. *
For those who ticked " Tuition fee for Community Members" how much do you intend to pay? * *
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For those who ticked "Assessment fee for Candidates" how much do you intend to pay? * *
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2. Accommodation *
Optional Support Amount. If you'd like to make a donation to support someone to attend the event, write down the amount you are willing to give.
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If you want to share the room with a specific person, could you write down her/his name?
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We offer these events in order to support the growth of NVC in the world. It requires organisation and many hours of planning. We take care of ourselves by making the requests below and being as clear as we can about cancellation and money. Please contact Javor - javorsv@gmail.com for more information or questions about the event or ask your assessor.
In every event, if you need to cancel, please let Javor know as soon as possible.

Agreement: My fees will be fully refunded only if my place on the course is filled by someone on the waiting list or I find someone to take my place. If my place on the course is not filled by someone else and I cancel before 30. April 2020, my fees will be refunded minus 150€ for admin cost. If my place on the course is not filled by someone else and I cancel between 30. April 2020 and two months before the event, my fees will be refund minus 250€ to cover costs. If my place on the course is not filled by someone else and I cancel after that, my fees won't be refunded. Each individual situation will be taken into account and will be talked over dialogue to find strategies that meet the needs of the two parts (participant and E-SEAT team).
You may wish to consider taking out an insurance policy to cover the risk of illness. In the event of you cancelling, you can offer your place to someone else - there are many people on our network who do not have the funds to attend such an event.
Bank details will be sent in a couple of days with the confirmation e-mail.
I understand that the payment of the fees within 8 days after receiving confirmation e-mail & payment information will definitively confirm my booking, otherwise, the reserved place will return to the pool of available places.
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