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Breaches of academic integrity (cheating, plagiarism, falsification of data, collusion) seriously compromise student learning, as well as the University’s assessment of the effectiveness of that learning and the academic quality of the University’s awards. All breaches of academic integrity are taken seriously and could result in penalties including failure in the course and exclusion from the University. Students should be aware that the University uses text-matching software to safeguard the quality of student learning and that your assignment will be checked using this software.
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Assessment Exemplars
At Griffith the use of assessment exemplars by academic staff is encouraged to inform students’ understanding of the performance standards associated with learning and achievement in the course. An assessment exemplar is an authentic example, actual sample or excerpt, of student work that has been annotated to illustrate the ways in which it demonstrates learning, achievement and quality in relation to the intended learning outcomes (including graduate outcomes) for the course. Assessment exemplars may be made available in a range of ways. In order to collect assessment exemplars students are asked to consent, on every assessment item submitted, for their work, without disclosure of the contributor’s identity, to be used, and reproduced as an assessment exemplar for standard setting and moderation activities. I acknowledge that for the purpose of standard setting and moderation activities the examiner of this assessment item may, wish to store, reproduce, annotate, and communicate my work to others, including future students, without disclosure of my identity.
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