Rising Voices AAPI Youth Leadership & Civic Engagement Fellowship
The ideal Fellow is an AAPI youth age 16-20 years old living in the state of Michigan. It is someone who observes problems or issues in their community, wonders why these issues occur, takes initiative to deepen their understanding of the root causes of the issues, and isn’t afraid to take action to change the status quo. It is someone who is interested in learning and applying strategies to address community needs and become more civically engaged. It is someone committed to collaborative, intersectional, and intergenerational power building.

We encourage folks who are seeking spaces of community and learning outside of mainstream AAPI-identifying spaces to apply. We highly encourage LGBTQIA+ identifying and folks with working class backgrounds to apply. No experience in organizing or AAPI history necessary; we want to work with young people who are deeply curious and committed to social change.

Application Deadline: June 1, 2021
In order to ensure that this fellowship is accessible to all, Dim Mang (current Organizer with RVAAF) will be holding a 30-minute chat session where she will answer any questions and comments you may have about the application process and the fellowship. Please schedule an appointment here: https://calendly.com/dim-schedule/30min

Questions? Contact us at contact@risingvoicesaaf.org
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