Covid-19 Community Support: Sign Up for Free Martial Art of Awareness Online Interactive Practice/Discussion Sessions
The Chin Family Zhong Xin Dao 中心道 / I Liq Chuan 意力拳 (Martial Arts of Awareness) would like to give back to the community by offering these free sessions to be lead by our instructors who have volunteered to donate their time.

As an organization focusing on physical and mental health, we would like to encourage the practices of qigong/breathing, stretching, and martial arts exercises. Our purpose is to promote a healthy balance during these difficult times brought upon us by the Coronavirus as well as to bring our community closer together.

These 30 minutes - 1 hour interactive sessions will be conducted live and participants will be able to ask questions related to the topic.

Please follow common etiquette for video conferencing:
- Participants must mute their microphone if not speaking to avoid ambient noise.
- During some sessions you may be required to flag or "raise hands" before asking questions.
- You're encourage to but not required to turn on your camera so instructors can observe and provide you with feedback/instruction.
- Keep your microphone at an appropriate distance/angle from your speakers to avoid echoes.
- Please remember any very in-depth lengthy feedback or discussion may be more appropriate for a Q&A or private session.

Disclaimer: Practice sessions are subject to cancellation or time changes at instructors' discretion. We reserve the rights to ask anyone to leave the group if he/she is disruptive.

Please read for more info on how to prepare for the Zoom online sessions.
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