xinachtli/seed application 2021

so very humbled by your willingness to consider this journey with us. teomaustli year 1: xinachtli/seed 2021 is a 9 month prayer where we meet the seed of the sacredness planted within us through the medicine of spirit + plant ancestors. welcoming you here into the sacred medicine that is your birth right.


PLEASE READ our year 1: xinachtli/seed page THOROUGHLY for your questions on content, energetic exchange and more: before moving forward.


the application that follows is not casual, it's the beginning of a sacred commitment. this is a 9 month gestation period, where i don't deliver content, rather we co-create memory, wisdom, and healing colonization thought it could take. i fast, pray, and devote 9+ months of my existence to witnessing you, supporting you in witnessing the medicine you are, and caring for myself along the way. this application is a support in determining if we are ready to be on this journey together.

to meditate on the reflections/questions on this application:

our rolling application is open until february 15, 2021. i will be reviewing applications on a weekly basis and begin offering invitations beginning january 15, 2021.

humbly ask for your patience after submitting your application. i'm one human who lives, loves, breathes, heals + am in service in my fleshy communities along with coordinating all that is LA MALA YERBA. i will be responding to your questions + pouring over your applications w-f. i will be holding each of your words and stories with much humility, while honoring what we are all needing. if we are meant to journey with each other WE WILL.


please email any questions or concerns to

mil gracias,
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