SeaAhead: Global Bluetech Summit - Innovator Flash Talk Application
We are looking for innovative ideas and young companies to present at our Global Bluetech Summit in NYC on Oct 10th!

Presenters will give ~5 min flash talks on their innovation/company to the audience which will include:
- Representatives from the world's largest ocean-related companies, including shipping, aquaculture and offshore wind
- Banks, VCs & Foundations
- Governments

You do not need to focus exclusively on the ocean space to be applicable to this event, but you should be able to demonstrate how you could have impact on the sector. We are looking for technologies in areas including (but not limited to) data science, robotics, iOT, cleantech, AR/VR or artificial intelligence.

Please let us know some details about your yourself and technology below. Use care in your answers as we will use this for creating a handout for the attendees and you may not have the ability to edit your answers later.

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