Fostering Flourishing feedback
Please note that this project is only just beginning development and is a large work in progress. (For example, the Fostering Flourishing tracking tool still has yet to begin development.) This survey is intended to gather information to guide the direction of the project's development.
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If you'd be open to further discussing your feedback, please give your email address for a potential follow-up conversation.
All of these questions are optional, but all answers are greatly appreciated.
You can say as much as you'd like with each answer. The more feedback, the better.
Do you feel like it was easy for you to understand what the website was about? What might you change about the website to make it easier to understand what it's all about?
Do you feel like it was easy for you to understand the purpose of the website? What might you change about the website to make its purpose clearer?
Do you think that the website has the best method of approach for achieving the project's goals? What might you do differently with this project to accomplish its aim?
Does the medium and form of this project seem most appropriate and best fitted for the purpose of the project? Would you use a different medium for this project?
Do you think this project is useful, relevant, and important? Is there anything you would change to make it more useful and relevant?
In general, what might you change about the project? What would you do differently with the project if you were deciding what to do with it?
Is there anything else you'd like to say? (All feedback is welcome.)
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