8 week More than Mindfulness - beyond calm
thank you for your intention and investigation in your life. This is a courageous act to 'be' with oneself.

your view is needed, what landed what missed the mark, how it benefited or not - please be honest to this - for you , for me, for those who follow

How we learn - repetition and feedback - keep on practicing, conclude nothing, stay open enough to care to change
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How relevant has the class been to your need? *
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what made it relevant? or not? *
What did you learn? *
What was most valuable to you? *
How practical to apply what you learned? *
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What might help at home habits of practice? *
What were your key take aways from class? *
have you learned a new skill? what? or what did you wish you learned? *
How satisfied were you with the content? *
1 = Very disatisfied 5 = Very satisfied
Mindfulness defined / practiced
Body Awareness
Happiness science
Loving Kindness
Emotion Regulation
Values / Intention
Default Bio - Logic
How to Design wellness
interactive loop of experience
What would you add more of or less of in content? *
how would you rate the teaching methods (whiteboard, video, dyads, pods, writing, practice, inquiry, dialogue, acronyms...) *
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would another method work better for you? *
Which classes did you attend - how valuable was topic? *
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Very relevant
Did not attend
Attention class 1
Bodily Self class 2
Culture & Content of Happiness / well being class 3
Direction of Emotion class 4
Emotion defaults class 5
Practice Day
FFFF-F Practice Day Reflection on unfamiliar class 6
Greater Good - values assess class 7
Habits that Hinder / Help class 8
1 month follow up Zoom Meeting support
if you attended practice day / what did you learn? If you didn't, why not? *
How would you rate your level of engagement in class and between class? *
Please Name Specifically - What Changed in your life as a result of this class? (eg, focus, happiness, reactive states, awareness, kindness, competency to meet discomfort, ability to resource body/mind, communication, ability to meet conflict, perspective taking, empathy.....) *
Which practices and inquiries did you use at home? Name Specifically *
Any additional comments regarding the program? what worked, what did not, what would you add or take away that would have helped your life more? *
how would you rate the facilitator skills? *
pacing / timing
delivery of materials
created safe learning environment
responsive to questions in/ out of class
able to direct inquiry to guide learning
1 thing facilitator did that was really helpful / 1 thing that was not *
How likely would you recommend this class to others? *
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Will you attend the 1 month zoom follow up meeting? (12/17 @ 6pm) *
Are you interested in 'beyond calm' online class to work with everyday anxiety? *
Imagine what you might want from an online class -what would you like to see in the program? What would be helpful?- (content, length, practical application at home, videos, audio, science....?) and what would you expect it to change in your life? *
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