Perth Ultimate League Divisions A & B
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These are the number players present who are officially rostered with your team and took part in this game.
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Please use their FULL NAME. If no pick ups then please write N/A. Failure to declare pick ups will incur a penalty.
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Spirit - Rules Knowledge and Use (out of 4 points) *
For example: They did not make unjustified calls. They did not purposefully misinterpret the rules. They kept to time limits. They were willing to teach and/or learn the rules
Spirit - Fair-Mindedness (out of 4 points) *
For example: They apologised for their own fouls. They informed teammates when they made wrong or unnecessary calls. They were willing to admit that we were right and retracted their call
Spirit - Communication (out of 4 points) *
Examples: They communicated respectfully. They listened. They kept to discussion time limits.
Spirit - Fouls and Body Contact (out of 4 points) is *
For example: They avoided fouling, contact, and dangerous plays
Spirit - Positive Attitude and Self Control (out of 4 points) *
For example: They introduced themselves. They communicated without derogatory or aggressive language. They complimented us on our good plays. They left an overall positive impression during and after the game, e.g. during the Spirit circle
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Any other relevant information relating to spirit of the game. Positive and not so positive examples
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Any other relevant information regarding the game. Forfeit information or other concerns regarding this game only.
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