Join us at the PAN IIT Musical Fundraiser Evening to support "Light For Education"
Inviting all the alumni of IITs in Bangalore to be a part of the musical fundraiser, which will help us garner funds to procure solar lamps for rural school-goers living in electricity elusive areas.
Venue: Indiranagar Sangeet Sabha, Next to Indiranagar Club, Bangalore
Time: 6-7 PM (Networking), 7-8:30 PM (Musical)
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LiFE is a flagship program of IITs, where we provide solar powered study lamps to school-goers in rural parts of Karnataka, where electricity is elusive. The net cost of a lamp is INR 2000 (inclusive of the battery, charging station, solar panels etc.) and for every INR 1075 contributed, a matching amount is contributed by Mr. Arjun Menda (To know more, please visit:
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