PETITION: I stand with Families in Takeover Houses of the Poor People's Army
I stand with the homeless families of the Poor People's Army that are currently residing in houses that have been taken over (Takeover Houses), houses that are owned by Housing and Urban Development (HUD) but are abandoned. Poor People's Army have taken over these properties in an effort to keep men, women, and children from living on the streets and from being forced to reside in overcrowded shelters and potentially contract Covid19. These families would be more than happy to rent in Philadelphia. If you don't have employment, lost your job due to Covid, and if you have a bad credit score, then you can't get housing in Philly. At a time when our city continues to build luxury unites, 6 million people were unable to pay for their rent or mortgage last month in the USA. We are bracing for a wave of evictions in the coming year, 30-40 million people.

The signing of this petition means we stand with members of the Poor People's Army who have taken the moral position that lives matter over luxury and that until the city of the state or federal government secures housing for these families we will continue to stand with these families in takeover houses, being housed by Poor People's Army.

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I can be part of an emergency response team that can act if the police or authorities try to remove a family from a Takeover House.
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