MTL Bboying Street Dance Community Survey
MTL Bboying has been with the community for more than 10 years. Operating on a community level with no external funding, we've been able to offer jams, competitions, events, conferences and opportunities for the street dance community.

We're looking to get a more in depth pulse of the street dance scene and in the process offer more services and opportunities reflecting the needs of the community.

Please take a couple of minutes to answer this survey and in the process help shape changes within the collective.

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A little about your dancing
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How many hours of practice/dance do you do per week? (Not including competitions or events) *
How much do you spend on practice space per week? *
How many hours of classes do you take per week? (including dance troupe practices with coach) *
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How many street dance competitions or events do you attend per year? *
What's the best street dance event/competition you've attended in Montreal and why? *
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A little about the community
Do you think there are enough available practice spaces for street dance in Montreal? *
Would you be interested in a 1 week intensive training camp with some of the world's top street dancers? *
If there was a practice space open 24/7 for street dancers, what would be the most you would be willing to pay per month? *
MTL Bboying
What do you think MTL Bboying should offer *
What do you think the website should offer? *
Would you be interested in a newsletter from MTL Bboying *
Would you use a forum or discussion board to communicate with the community? *
Would you be interested in a street dance magazine? *
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