As the undersigned person/organization I am committed to fully support the execution and application of the results of the project SY_CULTour – Synergy of Culture and Tourism: utilization of cultural potentials in less favoured rural regions (supported by the South East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme; ID: SEE/B/0017/4.3/X/01) for increasing the economic and social development of cultural values.

By doing so, I disclose my willingness for:
• Promoting the existing and future results of the project by disseminating and applying common methodology for management of cultural values in rural areas based on a participatory approach to stakeholders;
• Cooperating in the creation of non-massive rural cultural tourism destinations and consequently generate new income and jobs in tourism;
• Contributing to the cross-sectoral networks in order to comprise the local and public bodies and tourism providers.

In light of the above, I am committed to stay in cooperation after the objectives of the project have been accomplished, and open to continue common promotion and supporting activities by taking actions for further development, cooperation and advocacy.

After reading and fully agreeing on the content, I sign this document without any absolute obligation.

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