Equality Monitoring form for Prism Arts Theatre and Performance Lead Application
This information is gathered anonymously so that Prism Arts can learn and take action in order to make our activities, communications and decisions more equitable and encouraging to a broader range of people.

Please note that you have the chance to choose 'Prefer not to say' or leave a question blank in any of the questions.

We report on some equalities information within our Annual Report to Arts Council England.

If you require this form in another format (for example audio or printed) or have any questions please get in touch with us.
Email: office@prismarts.org.uk
Phone: 01228587691
Your Age
Clear selection
Do you identify as Disabled? If yes, please let us know the disability/disabilities you identify yourself as having, if you are happy to do so
What is your ethnicity? (e.g Asian, Caribbean British, White British)
What is your gender? (e.g Female, Non-binary)
What is your sexual orientation? (e.g Heterosexual/Straight, Gay/Lesbian, Bisexual)
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