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Welcome! Please complete this brief form to apply to be a fellow with GreenLight Solutions.

We are looking for highly-motivated and creative students who will bring dedication and valuable insight to GreenLight’s projects and mission. For fellows in particular, outgoing, communicative students who enjoy networking are the best fit. GreenLight is a high-engagement, high-reward organization, not a simple resume add-on. What students put in will reflect what they get out of it.

Thank you for your interest in starting a GreenLight Solutions student chapter on your campus as a GreenLight Fellow. We are looking forward to getting to know you and supporting you in your GreenLight journey.
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Which aspects of sustainability are you most passionate about? *
How would you define "sustainability", as applied to businesses and organizations? (300 words max) *
This is to help us understand how well you are able to view an organization through a sustainability lens.
What is your greatest accomplishment outside of the classroom and what did you learn from that experience? (500 words max) *
What is your dream job? *
Hypothetical Scenario: Earth is overpopulated and we must start populating space. You are helping to plan the design of a space station that may need to be inhabited indefinitely. What is your suggestion for the design? *
To highlight your creativity, please answer the following in the most open-minded and creative way you can imagine. Draw upon what you have already seen in action, as well as what you may not have yet. You may choose to discuss the whole system, or one component of it.
Why do you want to be a GreenLight fellow? (300 words max) *
What do you want to get out of being a GreenLight Fellow besides being a founding member of your student chapter? *
I.e. public speaking skills, writing, analytic skills, business knowledge, project management skills, sustainability problem solving skills, etc.
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