2019-2020 Sylvan Park Diversity Survey for Parents
This survey was created by the Sylvan Park Paideia PTO Diversity Committee. Your responses will help us understand our community better and plan future activities. Although this is a PTO survey, the results may be shared with school administrators. Your participation is optional. Thank you!
Q1. How many current Sylvan Park Paideia students live in your household? *
Q2. Does your student(s) qualify for free or reduced lunches? *
Q3. Is Sylvan Park Paideia your zoned school? *
Q4. Is one or more of your students receiving services through Exceptional Education? *
Q5. With what race do you and your family identify (check all that apply): *
Q6. With what ethnicity do you and your family identify: *
Q7. Do you feel Sylvan Park Paideia is an inclusive community? Why or why not? *
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Q8. What are some ways in which the Sylvan Park Paideia school community can better highlight and celebrate the diversity in the school? *
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Q9. The Sylvan Park PTO Diversity Committee is currently in charge of the Diversity bulletin board, an arts partnership with the Global Education Center, supporting Latin American Night, and incorporating cultural performances into the Sylvan Park Spring Carnival. Do you have other suggestions for things the committee can be doing? *
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Any additional feedback? Are you willing to share information about your family's heritage (e.g., family photos, maps, flags, recipes) as part of our Diversity bulletin board? If yes, please add your name and email address below.
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