ABCC Ambassador Program
We are pleased to introduce to you our new referral program! With this referral program you can earn up to 70% commission depending on the number of users referred and the trading volume of the referred users.

Basic details of the referral program are as follows:
• All referred users must be registered users of ABCC Exchange
• Once users are accepted into the referral program, they will enter the Silver Tier by default
• Users who just joined will receive a 15-day window in the Silver Tier, after which tier placements will be dependent on the accumulated trading volume of referred users.
• After the 15-day window, users who do not meet the basic tier requirements will be removed from the referral program
• Payment for commission will be conducted on a weekly basis at the end of every week. Commission is determined by the total trading volume of referred users and the referral tier the user is in
• Users are required to sign-up with the referrer’s referral link for the referrals to be valid
• In the event a user moves up a referral tier, the rewards will be calculated according to the new tier the following day

Please note: A confirmation email will be sent to you if you have been accepted

*ABCC Exchange reserves the right to amend these terms with immediate effect
Referral Tier
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