Register for Tuesday Night Training Term 3 2019, beginning 3rd Sept
All courses start at 8pm on a Tuesday evening and are held at the cathedral itself.
Theological Training
This term, we are offering Bible Overview, New Testament 1, Doctrine 2, and Old Testament 3. Enrollment will be with the Equip-MBS Certificate in Theology Programme.

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Bible Overview
Discover the answers to these and many other questions as you learn how the whole Bible fits together. Bible Overview unfolds the major themes of God and his plan of redemption, from Genesis to Revelation and shows how the different pieces of the Bible fit together and point to Jesus.

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New Testament 1
This unit explores God’s purposes in sending Jesus Christ and how we can know Jesus through Mark’s gospel.

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Doctrine 2
This unit helps us answer the basic questions of who Jesus is, what the nature of sin is, and how Jesus’ death deals with sin.

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Old Testament 3
This unit considers the Latter Prophets with a special focus on the book of Isaiah.

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Six Steps To Reading The Bible
Instead of regarding the Bible as "more to be desired than gold", many find feeding on God's word a chore. We know we should fit in but it frequently slips off the agenda. Whatever your knowledge and confidence in reading the Bible, this course will help you make progress in your daily Bible reading, and the road to developing a new an enjoyable habit of walking with God through his word.

Registration : RM20 (excluding materials)
Duration : 6 weeks (beginning 3rd Sept)

Two Ways To Live
Two Ways to Live is a memorable summary of the Christian gospel. In six simple points, it conveys the key information that the average non-Christian person needs to understand in order to become a Christian. And it does so in a way that does not assume any prior knowledge or understanding of Christian concepts. This course helps Christians know the key points of the gospel so that they can share it with others with confidence while remaining faithful to the whole gospel message.

Registration : RM20 (excluding materials)
Duration : 8 weeks (beginning 3rd Sept)

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