Call for ADR Scotland public panel members
Closing date: 12 noon, Friday 9 AUGUST 2019
Public Panel members - Administrative Data Research Scotland (ADR Scotland)


Are you interested in how data can be used to improve lives, services and public policy? Or how Scotland can make the most of the data we already have and discover new and exciting things about society?

Administrative Data Research Scotland (ADR Scotland) is seeking people to join its new Public Panel. Panel members will help the team explore and understand the views people across Scotland hold about the use of public sector data for research.

Administrative data (information generated through the day-to-day work of public services such as the NHS, government departments and local authorities) can be analysed to reveal trends and insights about society as a whole. When used in the right way, these insights can support more effective decision making about future public spending, service delivery and policy priorities.

ADR Scotland is a partnership between the Scottish Government and the Scottish Centre for Administrative Data Research (based at the University of Edinburgh), and it exists to unlock the value of routinely collected administrative data and ensure that this data is used effectively and responsibly, for the good of everyone. A key part of that mission is ensuring we know and understand what the public feel about our plans and work.

The Public Panel will share their views and explore the issues and ethics around future strategy and direction in relation to administrative data, research, and how it can inform policy; and will provide advice on how the broader public can be engaged in these issues more effectively.

ADR Scotland is initially looking to appoint eight to twelve members. They are keen to hear from anyone interested in shaping how data of this kind can be used for the good of everyone in Scotland.

Appointed members will bring diverse backgrounds, life experience, understanding and skills to ADR Scotland. Download the role profile for further details:

To apply please complete our online form below (or contact us at if you prefer to complete a document and return it to us). We will ask for some basic details about you, a statement about why you would be interested in becoming a member of the panel, and your interests.

The closing date for this role is Friday 9 AUGUST 2019, midday. Please do contact us at with any queries.


ADR Scotland is part of the ADR UK partnership, funded by ESRC.
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