EWS Invite Form
Please use this form to request an invitation for new members of the forum. If you want to invite more than one person, please fill out separate forms for each.

Before you fill it out, make sure the person you want to invite:

1. Actually wants to join and participate. Inactive members will be deleted and there's no point having them join if we're just going to have to remove them later.

2. Is actively writing and publishing (or is working towards publishing) erotic fiction. Erotic romance counts as long as they understand many of our members focus on more hardcore stories.

3. Is not a jackass, stalker, thief or spy. If you're not close with the person you want to invite, it's your responsibility to make sure they're not likely to be joining the forum for the wrong reasons.

In addition, please make sure to explain the rules of the forum to the prospective member including:

1. New members must create a thread in the welcome section introducing themselves to the group.

2. Political/religious and other debates are not allowed in the forum.

3. Privately soliciting or harassing other members is strictly forbidden. As are sharing of private information, outing and plagiarism.
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