Runoff Control Assistance Request
The RCD is offering technical assistance and materials for runoff controls and can also offer referrals to volunteers who can assist with installation if needed. Landowners must apply on an individual basis , and if approved, will be provide information on where to pick up materials. Funds are limited and are on a first come first served basis. This support is made possible thanks to the Fire Response Fund at the Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County

Eligible properties are those that:
1. Have received a site visit form the RCD or are in the process of receiving one.
2. Need financial assistance with materials (max amount not to exceed $800).
3. Property is not expected to receive assistance through the CAL OES/ DWR/Conservation Corp program.
4. Can demonstrate that materials will be installed no later than December 15.

These funds are not a reimbursement for already completed activities.

Priority will go to properties NOT covered by the California Conservation Corps effort that is starting the week of November 23. To see if your areas is expected to be covered by the CalOES, Department of Water Resources, and Conservation Corp efforts visit:
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