Game Development: STEM Hacks Winners
Hello! If you've landed on this page, you probably recently won in one of top three places at STEM Hacks 2019. Congratulations and nice work!

Please sign up below for tour FREE Game Development workshop offered to you as a prize for your great work. This workshop is customized and created for STEM Hacks Winners only.

Please fill a new form for each participant and fill all fields indicated by an asterisk (*).

This event is brought to you by Mathstronauts and space is provided in sponsorship by Innovation Factory.

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This workshop takes place on SATURDAY APRIL 6, 2019 from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Please confirm that you are available to attend on this particular date. *
This workshop will require that you have access to a laptop. We encourage students to bring their own laptops, if possible. Please indicate if you will be able to bring your own laptop. *
It's always a little easier using something you're already used to!
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The activities at this workshop were designed with consideration of the well being of all participants. The volunteers, coordinators and directors of Mathstronauts will ensure that all basic health and safety precautions are taken when engaging with each participant. In addition, we will adhere to any specific medical and/or nutritional demands of each student, as indicated on this Registration Form. Students will be under supervision by a Mathstronauts associate for the entire duration of the event. Despite all precautions and safety measures in place, unpredictable accidents are possible. Therefore, despite the due diligence of the volunteers, coordinators and directors of Mathstronauts, the complete and absolute safety of participants and their properties cannot be guaranteed. Accordingly, although Mathstronauts will put forth their earnest efforts to ensure safety for all students, it is not reasonable to hold Mathstronauts or its volunteers, coordinators and/or directors liable for any accident, damage or loss to person or property for the duration of the event. Please indicate below that you have read and understood the above statements and waive the liability of any unforeseen incidence from Mathstronauts.
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