Agri-Food Masterclass - Patras

The 7th Agri-Food Masterclass, the intensive 3-day workshop on entrepreneurship in the agri- sector, organized by the Embassy of the Netherlands in Greece, will take place this year in Patras, from 15 to 17 November 2019. Business ideas, start-ups or innovative SMEs with activities in the fields of agri-food, agri-/bio-technology, agri-tourism and related products/services are invited to apply to the Masterclass.

The 3-day Masterclass aims to help new entrepreneurs work on their business propositions, develop entrepreneurial skills, optimize their business ideas, network and explore the business opportunities in the European and world market.

The masterclass will end with a pitching event, where the startups will claim the 3 winning prizes. For the most promising startup with growth potential, WUR Center for Value Creation, in collaboration with StartHub will offer one-week of personalised program at StartHub with full access to their mentor and expert network including a preparation for and access to FANext 2020, from May 13-14 on Wageningen Campus, the Netherlands. *
The second winner will get the chance to further develop their startup through a 6month participation in the Orange Grove Incubation Programme, while the third winner will be offered mentoring hours with Orange Grove’s network.

The Agri-food Masterclass is initiated and organized by the Netherlands Embassy in Greece in collaboration with Orange Grove and the Centre for Value Creation at Wageningen University and Research (CVC-WUR), in the Netherlands. The CVC-WUR facilitates scientists, students and entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into reality. The centre offers courses, workshops, incubation facilities and help to start-ups in their initial development, while designing solutions tailored to international issues.

The Masterclass is open to individuals or teams. Interested participants need to apply by October 20th, 2019 (23:59). Applications will be evaluated by a selection committee. The working language of the Masterclass is ENGLISH. The Masterclass will take place at Orange Grove’s premises in Patras (Patras Science Park, Stadiou St., Platani-Rio, Patras), beginning Friday 15th November, late afternoon, and all day Saturday & Sunday 16-17 November. For additional information you can call us on +30 2610 911530 or email us at:

The event is initiated by the Netherlands Embassy, as part of its aim to support young entrepreneurship and share Dutch knowledge, expertise and best practices to strengthen the start-up ecosystem in Greece, with the Netherlands being the 2nd largest exporter worldwide in agri products and services. The Agri-Food Masterclass is an annual masterclass, organized in different cities around Greece.

*Please note that one return ticket (Athens-Amsterdam) will be covered for 1 team representative and participants will need to arrange their own accommodation. The dates of the program will be decided according to the availability and programme of WUR Center for Value Creation and StartHub.


Instructions on how to complete this application:

Begin completing this form and hit "SUBMIT" to save your changes. You will receive a LINK on your EMAIL which will allow you to EDIT YOUR ANSWERS AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT until the deadline.

The Agri-Food Masterclass will be conducted in English. A good level of English will be needed. You will need to complete this application in ENGLISH as it will be examined by a Greek and foreign selection committee.

We suggest you first prepare the following questions offline which you will be asked to fill in on this questionnaire:

- Business idea
Describe shortly your business idea. (Approx. 250 char.)

- Profile
Please provide us with information about yourself (background, skills and/or professional experience) and your role in your business idea / team / company. If you are a team, please answer the above questions for each member.

- Product / Service
What is the final product or service you will deliver? At what stage is your product / service (idea / research / pilot version / market)? Does it make use of any technology? What specific need / gap in the market / problem does it address?

- Innovation and/or Competitive advantage
What is innovative about your product / service? E.g. Our innovation lies in our business model and our method of production. What is your greatest competitive advantage that will make your business sustainable on the long term versus your competition?

- Market
Which is your target market (local, national, international, B2B, B2C etc.)? How do you intend to penetrate this market? E.g. We address the tourism and activities market, which has a total size of 150 billion globally and we satisfy the need for guided tours in outdoor spaces.

Some additional information regarding your contact details (email address, telephone, team names etc), and team attendance at the Agri-Food Masterclass will also be asked at the beginning and end of this questionnaire.


This questionnaire is confidential. Please note that it will be shared with members of the Orange Grove team, CVC-WUR team and our selection committee.

The earlier you submit your application, even in draft form, the better, as this will allow us to help you with possible questions you may have and help us build a more tailor-made experience for participants.

Please make sure you provide us with the name, email address and telephone number you want Orange Grove to use when communicating with you.

Learn more about CVC-WUR here:
Learn more about Orange Grove here:

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