2019 Student Tour Request Information

Thank you for your interest in The National Steinbeck Center! Student Tour Request details are mentioned below in this form. After reading them, please click next to continue your tour request. If you have any questions please give us a call at (831) 775-4721 or email us at store@steinbeck.org
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The National Steinbeck Center requires a completed tour request form 2 weeks in advance of you planned date of arrival.
The National Steinbeck Center requires that all tours must have 12 or more students to qualify as a tour group.
Students in Monterey County will be charged $2.50 each with a scheduled tour trip.
Students outside Monterey County will be charged $5.00 each with a scheduled tour trip.
Students participating in our Steinbeck Young Authors Program will be charged $1 each with a scheduled tour trip.

Having less than 12 students?
Please call (831) 775-4721 to request an exemption to Guest Services Manager.
Every tour group should be accompanied by chaperones. Please plan to provide 1 chaperone per 10 students!
All teachers, chaperones and bus drivers are FREE with a scheduled tour trip.
The National Steinbeck Center provides two tour options:
Self-Guided Tour: The students are accompanied with their chaperone at ALL TIMES through the museum and interact with the exhibits by themselves.

Guided Tour: For an additional $25 per tour group, an exhibition guide will emphasize John Steinbeck content to your group and guide you through the museum for up to an hour. For your second hour, your group will be able to guide the exhibitions with their chaperones to further interact with the content. Students are required to be accompanied with their chaperones at ALL TIMES.
Estimated Time at the National Steinbeck Center:
The National Steinbeck Center recommends a stay for about 2 hours for the tour group to get a full experience.

Each tour slot below CAN ONLY accommodate 50-60 students per visit (approx. 2 class sizes)

Bringing more than 50-60 students?
- Please book a separate request form for additional students.

For example, if you have 120 students, book a request form for the 10am-12pm slot for 60 students & then book another request form for 1pm-3pm for the other 60 students, totaling to the 120 students

- In order for your students to enjoy every part of our museum and for their safety, each time slot can only have up to
50-60 students at a time!
- You will need to split your tour group to accommodate them per slot.
- Please plan an alternate activity for them to do outside the museum! Suggestions coming soon!
The National Steinbeck Center requires a payment 2 weeks in advanced from your visiting day. Further payment details will be mentioned in the "Payment Details" section of this form.
After Submission of Tour Request Form:
An NSC Guest Service Associate will email you a confirmation for your visit. This email will include a confirmation of the arrival date, museum guidelines, museum activity sheets, and payment instructions.

Please be aware that your tour is not confirmed until you have a NSC Guest Service Associate confirm your reservation. If the date you chose is not available, we will do our best to accommodate.
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