Kings Dominion Fundraising
Ready to put the fun back in fundraising? This summer and fall, we will be doing fundraising at Kings Dominion for our upcoming France trip in February 2020. Anyone 16 and over can participate - siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins...the more, the merrier!

Each participant will work a 7-10 hour shift, earning $10 per hour. Shifts include food and beverage, games, merchandise, the pavilion, and admissions. These earnings can either go to a specific student's trip balance OR can go into the general fund, which will be split evenly between trip participants. For example, if a family of 3 wants to donate to John Smith, that can be up to $300 that goes towards the balance of his trip. Or, if a group of 5 teachers wants to support the general fund, that could be up to $500 that will be split between the balance of the current 15 participants.

Why participate? In addition to helping our students make their way to France, there are benefits for you, which is why we are opening up this opportunity to our ENTIRE community - teachers, students, grandparents, alumni, etc.:
1. You may enjoy the park before and after your shift
2. You will receive a ticket to come back and enjoy a day in the park

In general, they ask for up to 20 participants for each shift. Dates are announced each week. When dates are announced, I will use the Google Form to start calling those who signed up, beginning at the top of the list, until I reach the required numbers. Once we have confirmed our dates and participants, we will coordinate carpools and transportation.

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