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Please note that only 20 matches will be made for this year of the program. All information is used for assessing suitability for the program and for matching purposes. All personal information will be kept confidential.
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Income decreased substantially
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Finanical challenges
Birth of Child
Chronic Illness or Disability
Have you ever been charged or convicted of a crime? *
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What people, if any, are currently assisting you in coping with issues you described in questions 9-11? Include: Name and Relationship /Capacity *
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What do you bring to the program? What experience and /or gifts would to share with your Princess Graduate? *
What would you like to gain from the program? *
Describe what role, if any, religion/spirituality plays in your life. How do you see sharing these beliefs in your match relationships? *
With what type of Princess would you like to be matched? (Describe specific attributes you prefer) *
What are your concerns or questions about working with a Princess Graduate? *
What would you like your Princess Graduate to know about you ? *
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What would you like to know about your Princess Graduate? *
All of the references must have known you for two years. References that can attest to your experience working with youth are beneficial. Each one will be contacted to ask for information regarding your suitability to act as a volunteer mentor. References cannot be your spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend or partner.
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