Sunshine Retreat questions
Please fill out the following form for the upcoming retreat. This is not a religious based retreat, but will have spiritual elements. The event will be held in Charleston, SC from May 2-5, 2019. It is an all inclusive event, less the cost of travel. Please visit for more information on cost and activities.
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What is your child's name? *
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Please tell us a little bit about your story. You don't have to share all the details if it's too painful, but we'd like to know what age your child was when they passed (or stage of pregnancy), and how long it has been since you said goodbye. *
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Are you open to trying new things (like meditation, Reiki, crystals, yoga) to help you learn more self-love and healing tools? We do not expect you to walk away from the weekend 100% healed and having forgotten the pain you suffer, but we do expect it to be a weekend to refresh your heart and soul and help you find some peace again. (If something makes you uncomfortable you do not have to participate but we don't believe this will be the case.) *
We will be sharing rooms in a house that we've rented just for us. Are you open to sharing a room? *
The cost of the retreat is $1197 (until March 1) and $1497 after that. All expenses (food, activities, supplies, etc) is included. Please acknowledge that you can pay this fee. We do have payment plans. *
Alexa Bigwarfe is not a trained psychologist or psychologist. The experts that are coming to do yoga, Reiki, meditation, massages, and so forth, are trained. Do you acknowledge that Alexa is not a licensed medical professional, and is a grieving mother who has learned what helps heal but cannot guarantee that this will solve everything for you? *
Is there anything else you'd like me to know about you? *
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Thank you!
We will review these responses and reach out with more information about the retreat.
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