UK Higher Surgical Training Orthopaedic Deaneries - Trainee Questionnaire
Dear Colleague,

We are creating an online resource,, that displays useful information about all UK Higher Surgical Training Orthopaedic Deaneries / Rotations. This will help those applying for specialist training to make a more informed decision.

We would greatly appreciate your time to complete this questionnaire. Please give as much detail as possible.

In return, we will provide you with a certificate of participation in a National Quality Improvement Project, and also the opportunity to be cited on the website.

Best Wishes,

Mr Michael Flatman, Core Surgical trainee
Mr Amit Chawla, ST3 Trauma and Orthopaedics
Mr James Dalrymple, ST4 Trauma & Orthopaedics
Mr Alex Trompeter, Consultant Trauma & Orthopaedic Surgeon
Which Specialist Training Deanery are you in? *
What is your training grade? *
Please list all the hospitals in your deanery, or provide a link if the information is available online. *
Which areas do trainees generally live? (please give name of town/suburb, rather than address) *
How easy is it to commute to different sites? Is there car parking available? *
Easy across all sites
Easy across most sites
Only appropriate for some sites
Not easy at all
Public transport
Car parking availability
How are rotations allocated? *
Do trainees have the opportunity to give preferences for rotations? *
Is there a trauma focussed ST3 year? *
Does the deanery offer an ST3 bootcamp or equivalent induction? *
Is there an arthroplasty focussed ST4 year? *
Is there a post-exam dedicated teaching program (i.e. preparation for consultant)? *
How often is deanery teaching? *
Where is deanery teaching held? *
Is there an annual meeting? *
Are there associated registrar presentations and prizes? *
Is there an established research infrastructure for trainees? Please select all that apply. *
Is there an affiliated medical school? If so, which is it? *
What was the overall FRCS pass rate in your deanery in the last 3 years (including all attempts)?
Can you name any FRCS Gold Medal Winners from your deanery?
Are there any other interesting or important facts about your deanery that you think should be mentioned?
What is your email address (to receive the certificate)? *
Would you like your name to be included on the website (on your deanery page)? *
If you answered 'Yes' to the previous question, please enter your full name as you would like it to be cited on the website.
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