ON-PAM 2016 Membership Registration Form
Open Network for Performing Arts Management (ON-PAM) is a national and international membership network, which practices discussion and advocacy to connect artist/artistic groups and the audience.

【Outline of Past Activity 】
1. Holding working committees and symposiums. Preparation in order to advocate on the cultural policy.
Sharing knowledge and awareness of the issue through the essential discussions of a relationship between performing arts and a society.
Holding symposiums, and working committee activities across the country.
Preparation of submission and statement of a proposal for cultural policies administrations put into effect.

2. Creating Subnetworking
Creating new network with a variety of members.
- Participating the international cooperated project "The Asian Producers' Platform (APP)'"
- Member-proposed projects are held in a variety of venue and a scale.

3. Preparation of incorporation

4.Preparation for holding an official meeting in Asia.
Please see below for the current activities.

【Registration Procedures】
1. Please fill out the form below

2. Bank-transfer the annual fee into the designated bank account on the auto-reply.
note) membership-Free is below.
Full Member - 13,000 JPY (Entry Free 3,000 JPY, Annual Fee 10,000 JPY)
Supporting Member (individual) - 10,000 JPY per contribution
Supporting Member (group) - 20,000 JPY per contribution
Student Member - 3,000 JPY

3. Membership guideline and the schedule will be sent after the payment is confirmed.
This mail confirms the registration is successfully completed.

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How We Share the ON-PAM Membership List
We would like to share the membership list among the ON-PAM members to enhance communication.
Also, we would like to disclose part of your information on the website, publications and other media of ON-PAM to promote our activities. 

[Information to be shared among members]
Name/Organization/Email address/Occupation/City, Region or Country 

[Information to be disclosed on the website, publications and other media of ON-PAM]
Name/Organization/Occupation/City, Region or Country 

*The rest of private information will not be given to anyone or any organisations outside of the network.

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