Solar is changing our relationship to energy production and consumption. Can you be part of that change? Let's find out today.
Our job at PUSH Sol is to help homeowners go solar.
We start by talking to you about your energy consumption and answering your questions (everyone has them) about how residential solar works.
Then we look at your project's geography and sun patterns and work together to determine what solar could do for you.
If solar is the right fit, we find you contractors who do good, honest work. And we help keep them accountable to your needs throughout and after your project install.
We help you process tax-credit, subsidy applications, and low-cost financing to make sure you are getting the most affordable solar energy possible.
And we are a contact point forever after once your system is installed.

Fill out this survey so that our Solar Advocate at PUSH Green can contact you about your specific project.

Note: This survey is tailored for homeowners and landlords. More information for renters and commercial is coming soon. For now, contact us at 886-1780 for questions about renter and commercial solar options.

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