2015 EBPA年會暨「泛太平洋地區生分解塑料協會聯盟」成立大會出席報名表
時間: 2016年1月29日(五) 上午09:00~12:00
地點: 修平科技大學 樹德樓 A0410國際會議廳 (台中市大里區工業路11號)

2015 E.B.P.A Annual Meeting and Establishment of "Pan Pacific Bioplastics Alliance" Attendance Application Form
I. Time: 9:00am-12:00pm. January 29th, 2016(Friday).
II. Location: Hsiuping University of Science and Technology. Room A607.
(No.11, Gongye Rd., Dali Dist., Taichung City 412, Taiwan )
III.Conference Content:
1.Guest Speech:
Representatives from KBPA, JBPA, TBIA, ABA, BPI and AIBV will report local biodegradable industry development
issues, elucidate local government policies and share relative experiences.
2.Pan Pacific Bioplastics Alliance :
a) Discuss individual government performance on local biodegradable industry and analyze the possibility of promoting
single global logo certifications.
b) Discuss how to conduct a lobby to each government and affect tariff polices.
c) Discuss procedures and issues of applying biodegradable certification among nations.
d) Sign up Pan Pacific Biodegradable Corporate MOU.
e) Establish a set of strategies to prevent counterfeit biodegradable product entering to market.

中華民國環保生物可分解材料協會 主辦
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