GM's Statement of Style - Dan Brown
The purpose of this statement is to set expectations and offer insight as to how my games generally run. My hope is that this clarifying and inclusive, not discouraging and exclusive.
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Statement of Style
I prefer to relax (or ignore) the rules in favor of interesting and engaging stories.
I like it when characters interact with each other to work out their differences.
I lean into action, but sometimes need help finding the right level for stakes.
I try to check in with players a lot to make sure everyone’s happy with the direction of the story and their characters.
I’m not great at GMing emotional scenes, but I’d like to get better.
My tables sometimes take detours into metagame discussions, usually about how the rules support storytelling.
I'm experimenting with new ways to help potential players understand what to expect in a game with me. Please help me out by answering three quick questions.
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