Hello! Cuyahoga County Planning and Cleveland Metroparks are planning a system of greenways and urban trails across the county. We want to hear from you about how you get around your community and ways in which you feel that new greenways and urban trails would be beneficial.
Q1: How often do you walk or run for recreation?
Q2: How often do you bicycle for recreation?
Q3: How often do you bicycle or walk to work/school?
Q4: How often do you bicycle or walk to run errands?
Q5: Please indicate which obstacles or barriers prevent you from walking, running, or biking more often (check all that apply):
Q6: If there was a network of greenways and urban trails within your community, how likely are you to use it for the following activities?
Not at all likely
Somewhat likely
Highly Likely
(no answer)
Jogging / Running
Bicycle riding for leisure and recreation (e.g. family riding)
Bicycle riding for commuting to work and/or school
Bicycle riding for fitness (i.e. road cycling, mountain biking, etc.)
Q7: How likely are you to use a network of greenways and urban trails to access the following types of destinations?
Not at all likely
Somewhat likely
Highly Likely
(no answer)
Jobs or workplaces
Parks and natural areas
Shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues
Schools, daycare centers, universities/colleges
Health care facilities (clinics and hospitals)
Culture or community centers (museums, etc.)
Access to transit services (bus and train stations)
Q8: How concerned are you about each of the considerations listed below?
Not significantly concerned
Somewhat concerned
Highly Concerned
(no answer)
Crossing busy streets
Getting to a greenway or urban trail entrance point
Visibility while on the trail
Physical safety while on the trail
Navigating the trail and the clarity of signage (i.e. wayfinding)
Protection and/or separation from vehicle traffic
Impacts to adjacent properties
Accommodating kids and youths
Accommodating seniors
Accommodating people with disabilities
Q9: For each of the following benefits, how strongly do you feel that a network of greenways and urban trails would benefit your community?
Provides no benefit or negative impact
Limited benefit
Moderate benefit
Significant benefit
(no answer)
Improve the mobility for residents to access jobs and other community destinations
Improve community health and wellness
Improve physical safety and perception of crime
Provide better access to parks, open spaces, and recreational facilities
Provide better access to transit
Promote tourism and regional trail recreation
Improve the visual character and identity of the community
Protection and/or restoration of natural resources
Improvements to stormwater management facilities (green infrastructure)
Demonstrating public investment
Q10: In what city or municipality do you live?
Q11: How old are you?
Q12: Do you have any other feedback to share with the project team?
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