New England Federation of Humane Societies
Application for Advisory Council Membership
For more information about joining the Advisory Council and the general expectations, please visit:
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Our board/advisory council meets every 6-8 weeks around New England for approximately five hours. Most committees also meet in the interim (sometimes by teleconference). Are you able to commit this amount of time to meetings and the other work necessary in governing this organization? *
Our board/advisory council holds an annual 2-day retreat (usually in early June, please visit our web site for exact dates). You or your organization must fund all travel costs, including lodging and meals. Are you able to attend this event? *
The board/advisory council produces the Annual Conference (usually in early- to mid-April). You or your organization must fund all travel costs, including lodging and meals. You must cover the registration costs for the conference as well, we do not offer discounts for board members or advisors. Are you able to attend this event? *
Please describe your interest in serving on the board of NEFHS. Tell us what specific skills, experiences, and areas of interest you will contribute to the NEFHS. Please note - the space provided will expand beyond the size you see so feel free to be as detailed as you'd like. *
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