Animal Welfare: The Great Debate
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Heats: March 2019
09:30am Heats event start (approx)
01:00pm Heats event end (approx)
Final: June/ July 2019, Siambr Hywel, Cardiff Bay

For the heat events, venues will be council buildings in your local area. The exact venues will be decided at a later date but will be in North, East, South and West Wales. The final will be held in Siambr Hywel, Cardiff Bay.

We expect demand for these limited places to be high, so please sign up to secure your place as soon as possible.

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The event is open to KS3 students. 4 students debating, 2 students acting as media officer, an additional 2 pupils may be able attend as observers - this is subject to event capacity.
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Due to venue restrictions, only one teacher can attend from each school.
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You will be offered a meeting date with a member of our Education team for a school visit, please indicate if there are any days of the week that generally work best for you *
These will likely be in January 2019. We will try to arrange visits that work best with schools where possible and staff diaries allow.
We will try, where possible, to acquire simultaneous translation facilities. If we can acquire them, would your representative pupils prefer to debate in the Welsh language? *
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