Learn to Sell Your Coaching Services through Building Relationship & Creating Value
I'm receiving a plethora of requests on LinkedIn from people on their systems that attract high paying clients, etc. As a coach, you do need to find a way to create conversations with potential clients.

However, 2 things are missing in these offers:
1) How to have those conversations effectively and
2) The importance of delivering value over time --to build your coaching practice.

I find that many coaches want to serve clients but "sales" is uncomfortable. They get in their own way in building their practice because they may not value their service and price effectively, they may not know how to deeply listen to a potential client to understand their situation without focusing on a sale or their own agenda, and more.

Over my career, I've been in charge of sales for a 3 million dollar leadership development consulting firm and my own practice over the past 3 1/2 years. I have trained novice coaches to be effective and serve others, thus growing their sales. I've learned to sell effectively through service, and building relationship and creating value with clients. I came from an education and service field background -- so I could not approach sales any other way!

I'm an odd duck in that I do love sales -- because I love to create relationship with people, hear about their challenges and concerns, and help. I'd love to share what I've learned over my 20 years of coaching.

I thought a group format to share my authentic approach to sales would be helpful for other coaches and increase their effectiveness in their business. This would involve sharing my approach, group discussion, practice and sharing what we're learning with each other.

Format I'm thinking of:
Weekly or Bi-Monthly
12 sessions--1.5 hours each
maximum of 12 people

Please share your thoughts! Thank you.
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What is your current challenge with sales in your business, if anything?
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If yes above, at what price point?
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