Green December 2019
The year 2019 has seen a magnitude of activities celebrating the Year of Tolerance and the vision for the UAE. Sustainability, was at the core of It with the Ghaf tree being announced as the official tree of tolerance which coincidentally is also part of EEG’s various campaigns and initiatives.
As we approach the end of this year, EEG is proud to announce its final Campaign of the year- “Green December” from 04th December to 20th December.
The target of this Project is to collect a minimum of 750 kg of Paper or 25 kg of Aluminum Cans or 75 Mobile Phones or 50 kg of Glass or 75 Toners or 50 kg of plastic by each of our Student Members and deposit the recyclables at the EEG office by 20th of December 2019. You may choose to participate in one, two or all of the specified materials for the project. The materials collected will be taken to the relevant factories for recycling, thereby diverting valuable material from landfills and conserving resources.
The collections from 4th December 2019 till 20th December 2019 will be accepted in this project.
The highest collector under each category will be given a ‘complimentary’ student membership for the following year, along with a hard copy certificate after the conclusion of this project.

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