Performer Application 2018
Thank you for your interest in performing for the Die Laughing 50 Hour Comedy Marathon! Last year we had over 70 acts, including over 150 performers. That’s an incredible amount of talent!

The idea behind 50 hours of straight comedy is daunting, and we could not do it without comedians such as yourself. Applying does not guarantee your entrance into the marathon- there are a lot of factors that go into booking the event, including availability, concept, and requirements. However, we appreciate your willingness to participate in this year’s marathon.

This form is automatically collecting email addresses. This is the email we will use to contact you. You will receive an automatic email confirming that you submitted the form correctly. This confirmation does not guarantee a spot in Die Laughing, but we will send out scheduling emails by the end of January.

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Please give us the name of your act, improv group, or show. If you are a solo performer, please give us your stage name, even if it's the same as the name above.
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Describe your act in 300 characters or less. Pretend this is what our volunteers will use to convince someone to stay and watch your show.
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Length of Show requested *
Standard slots are either half hour or hour, but we are open to requests for longer times. Scheduling happens in half hour blocks and should include time you need for set up and tear down. Simple set up works best! We always accommodate 5 minutes for tear down and set up between acts, so if you ask for an hour block, you will have no more than 55 minutes to perform (if you need more than 5 minutes, it will be counted against your overall time, so plan accordingly). We will do our best to accommodate length requests, but longer acts will be limited based on number of acts scheduled.
Are any of your group willing to participate in Fearless Challenges?
During the marathon, we have ongoing challenges, or things that will happen based on donations received. These could be punishment challenges, like eating a cake pop filled with a really bad-tasting food combination, being hit on the butt with a kendo stick, or walking on Legos. Or they could be reward challenges, like getting a snack or a bottle of craft soda donated to you. Please note that we will have specific details on each challenge when you check in at the event, and you can opt in/out of anything during the check-in process.
If you have a custom challenge that you would like us to consider, please describe it below.
Fearless reserves the right to veto challenges which we believe to be dangerous, inappropriate, or not falling in line with building use agreements. Also let us know if other performers could select to participate in your challenge.
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Please select any times you would be WILLING to perform - The rating of your show will be taken into account for scheduling. Be aware that Die Laughing runs from 7pm Friday April 6th through 9pm Sunday April 8th. **MOBILE USERS please not that mobile devices may cut off the grid. Please scroll over (swiping) to see all options.
Friday 7p-11:30pm
Saturday Midnight-11:30am
Saturday Noon-11:30pm
Sunday Midnight-11:30am
Sunday Noon-8:30pm
Do you have show tickets, guest spots, or merchandise to be donated to the silent or online auction? *
If so, please describe item or opportunity.
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