Pulse 'One Year Later' - Television Truck Parking Request
The Central Florida Media Committee has been working with organizers for the events planned at Lake Eola and Pulse to provide pool coverage and minimize the media footprint and allow for the victims, survivors and family members primary access to the sites.

Two locations have been designated for ENG, SNG and broadband trucks at Lake Eola for the Pulse related events on June 12, 2017. One of the two areas has a paved deck for standups looking back at the Amphitheater with close street parking on Central Avenue but this location doesn't provide look angles to satellite. If you are sending a broadband truck this would be the best location.

We have secured 22 parking spots in the East 5th/3rd Bank parking lot on Robinson with access for all commonly used satellites. Satellite trucks should plan to arrive on Sunday June 11 between 3 PM and 6 PM.

Please be advised satellite truck parking for networks and out of town media is not being assigned at the Pulse night club location. Organizers of the events at Pulse have made arrangements for some media outlets on Pulse property independent of the Central Florida Media committee. If you have not been informed by the event organizers directly you should plan to park in the network and out of town media locations.

More Information: cflmedia.org.

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