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Welcome to ConCardia Direct!

Since 2012, ConCardia has worked with numerous events and conventions. Over the years, we have gotten feedback from vendors, performers and others that they have taken their leftover cards from the events that they got cards at and given them out at other events that did not have ConCardia to great acclaim.

The time has finally come when you can order your own custom ConCardia card to give out wherever and whenever you want! Fill out the form below, and we'll send you a PayPal invoice. Once paid, like magic, the cards will arrive at your door within 4 weeks (or so).

The cost for a custom card is $30 which includes 60 copies of your card and shipping. Want more cards? Just $10 per additional 60 cards. There is no limit on quantity.

Perhaps you don't just want an average power card. Fortunately for you, we can be bought!
Want your card to be more powerful than the average card? That can be arranged for an extra $20.
Want your card to be super powerful? That's $40.
Want your card to be game-breakingly good? We can be convinced to do that for $100.

Because this is a new an experimental program, we're going to give you a little bonus. With your cards, you'll get a random one of our awesome ConCardia decks. For each additional 60 cards you order, we'll throw in another deck. This way you'll not only have your cards to give out, but you'll have a few decks to teach people to play with. Need more cards? You can order them at
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