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Ever since she was a child, Tammy Seagriff has been tuned into and fascinated with the seemingly invisible world of energy and consciousness.

Throughout her life she has, and continues to encounter various teachers, teachings and experiences that help open her heart, body and mind to the possibility of truly living a life of profound peace, love and service, and making that way of life accessible and tangible for all.

Tammy's yoga sessions incorporate breath work, visualization, and slow nourishing movements/postures to facilitate a palpable sense of peace, ease and self-acceptance. Each class starts with a guided centering and completes with an integrative relaxation.

Tammy playfully views her teaching style as a complementary blend of Bob Ross' pure-hearted sharing, Mister Roger's gentle-yet slightly socially awkward- loving kindness.

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BRiDGES, CRARC, & Tammy Seagriff

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