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Welcome to You-Creations LLC! We are excited to create a custom basket for your special occasion. Please fill out the custom order request form below. Once we receive your custom order form, we will review your responses and contact you to go over the details and availability. Please allow one to three business days to review your request. We will follow up by phone or email.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you want to order multiple custom baskets, please submit a separate custom order form for each.

If you have any specific questions, please Click here to Email You-Creations LLC, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your business!
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IMPORTANT NOTE: Before filling out this custom order form, please review You-Creations LLC's Custom Order Policies, which outline what you can expect during the custom ordering process.

In addition, please review our Terms & Conditions and our Privacy Policy on our website at
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Note: A two-week ordering lead time is required. Less than two weeks will require an expedited fee. Expedited Orders Upon Availability.

Important Disclaimer: The number of items and the overall basket aesthetic will determine the style and actual shape/size of the basket utilized. The basket size will impact the price, and the basket could move into another size.

We will notify you if this does impact your basket request.

Please see the basket example charts to help you make your selection.
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