Registration Form - BrainFuzz - Esya '18
This is the registration form for BrainFuzz, algorithm design event of Esya '18. The only eligibility criteria is the willingness to design new and efficient algorithms. If you like challenging your brain, this event is tailor made for you!

This event is a part of Techathlon.

1) BrainFuzz gives you a chance to earn points and helps you get one step closer to making it to the finale of the Techathlon - "Toast to Code".
2) Registrations for Techathlon are to be done separately. You will be eligible to participate only in BrainFuzz through this registration.
3) Participation in Prosort is compulsory to be considered for participation in Techathlon.

Rules for the event are as follows:

* Maximum team size is 2.
* Internet is not allowed. Any use of internet will classify as a case of using unfair means.
* No language specific coding will be expected from the participants and only pseudocodes will be asked wherever required.
* All algorithms/pseudo codes must be supported with time complexity(Big -O or Theta notation) even if the question doesn’t explicitly ask for it.
* Event organisers reserve the right to disqualify any team that is found guilty of violating the rules.
* Certain questions (already marked in the question set) will serve as tie breakers if needed.
* Sheets to write answers will be provided at the venue.
* Registration and settlement at venue closes 5 mins before the specified start time.

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